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Advanced Visual Technology

Discussion in 'Coffee Corner' started by Sadik, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Advanced Visual Technology

    I recently read that Oracle has bought a company called Advanced Visual Technology retail. I decided to dig a little and find out what the company is about and where does it go into the oracle portfolio of products.

    Reading a little I found that AVT is the maker of a 3D visual macro space planning software for retailers. Their website tells that AVT is a provider of Integrated Floor Planning, Optimization & Execution Solutions for the Retail Industry. So in a simple language the company helps retail store owners to design and plan retail floor space in real time giving a detailed realistic 3D view of their store.

    Reading on I tried to find out where would this product "fit in" with Oracle. The following is a list of Oracle's products for Retailers.

    • Oracle Retail Merchandising System
    • Oracle Retail Point-of-Service
    • Oracle Retail Returns Management
    • Oracle Retail Promotion Planning and Optimization
    • Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization
    • Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning
    • Oracle Retail Master Data Management
    • Oracle Database 11g
    • Wholesale Distribution
    • Oracle Human Resources