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Advanced table not populating vo data

Discussion in 'JAVA, SOA and Application Development' started by ac.arijit, Jul 14, 2015.

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    Kolkata, India
    Hi Guys,

    This is quite an unusual scenario or may be i'm missing out something really silly. Please help me out over this.

    Under pageLayout, I've a MainRN and an advancedTableRN, i've set the following properties of the advanced table:
    Id, Region Style, AM Definition, View Instance, Rendered, Records Displayed, Width
    Also, all the columns and items under each column are defined well with the View Attributes it should relate to.
    On the page PR, the VO has been prepared with executeQuery and the VO attributes does show the record (verified using debug), but the advancedTable doesn't populate any record.

    Please respond ASAP on what could be the probable reasons for this anomaly.
    Ari :)