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Adding and disabling Operating Units

Discussion in 'Oracle Financials' started by fin_mate@yahoo.com, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Hi All,
    Iam working on an upgrade project and I need your help on one of requirement of my client.
    1. Disable one operating unit: My client has two OUs A and B in Singapore region. Now they want to disable the OU ‘B’ and continue with OU ‘A’. So here iam not clear what steps need to be taken while disabling the OU ‘B’ and what happens to my accounting in OU ‘B’.
    How to deal with my open as well closed transactions in OU ‘B’, in case of:
    i. disabling OU B and continue with OU A (two companies will be operated under one OU A)
    ii. Permanently closing the business activities under OU B, so how to deal with open/closed transactions in OU B
    Please suggest me?
    2. Create new Operating Unit: recently they have acquired one ‘Company’ in UK region, so they want that to be in this BG. For that, we can do that by creating one new OU under UK legal entity region. So here, what principles need to be followed while adding new OU. Does oracle provides any check list to add OU? Please suggest me?

    Please suggest me with your valuable suggestions….
    Thanking you all in advance….