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Adding Adjustment element

Discussion in 'Oracle HRMS & Payroll' started by vamsioracle, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. vamsioracle

    vamsioracle Forum Expert

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    Hi all

    I have done a setup for a new absence type. Now my client wants to add balance to the existing leave balance. So i created an element with the following details

    Element Name: CTO leave adjustment
    Category: Information
    Input Values: Days and Date.

    Now I added this element to the net calculation rules in the accrual plan.

    Then I added this to the person, in assignment --> element-->entries and added the value.

    But when i check the accruals, it still shows only the balance accrued from the actual leave element. It is not adding up this.

  2. Sandy270783

    Sandy270783 Active Member

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    Hi Vamsi,

    When you create an accrual plan then a 'Carried Over' element is created automatically. You can search by "%Carrie%Over%" in the element description sreen after defining the accrual plan.You can manually attach this element in the 'Entries' screen of an employee. You can provide the no of days, you want to adjust in the input value of this element. This will update the leave balance.
    Please check the solution in 'Test Instance' and if it solves your issue , u can migrate it to production.