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addaing new parametre for the basic workflow

Discussion in 'Oracle Webcenter Suite (formerly Oracle ECM)' started by nv0044984, Sep 28, 2009.

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    Hi All,
    Again I have comeup with the new task. I have specific requirement for my project. But I don't have any clue. Let me discribe my problem.

    Contributor will intiate the basic workflow. It may or may not have reviewrs. My requirement over here is I need to kick off the publishing task of the perticular site at end of the work flow. That is, One site (say XYZ) will be there in the publishing utility.

    Let us suppose i have configured the workflow (say WF_XYZ) . Let us suppose, It has 2 steps say Step1 & Step2. Now At the end of Step2, we need to call the publishing task of site XYZ in the publishing utility.

    First of all, It is possible? if so What is the process we need to fallow to achive this?

    Regards & thanks,
    Nirmala Vijaya Sekhar Varre