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2 Parts: Unit of Measure Report and Define Unit of Measure

Discussion in 'General' started by Ada01, Sep 27, 2011.

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    First of all, how does one run the Unit of Measure Report out of Oracle. I am not sure that the GL side of our Oracle system even has UOMs set up - I get an error when i try to assign a UOM in the Setup > Accounts > Units stating as such (List contains no values). However, I would like to run to be sure there is not some kind of system issue.

    Second, we are starting up getting some reports written within the system and we need to add an average order statistic. Now, unless i am misunderstanding how all of this works, I need to define a new unit of measure called sales order counts and assign it to our sales account (not the parent account) so I can say (somehow) take our sales dollars divided by our order count stat we just uploaded and give me the result somehow. How do i define the "Order Count" statistic? This is not clear to me how this is done. Also, can the Units be used in this way - to calculate something like average order size?


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