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10G to 11G on a new windows server....

Discussion in 'Security, Backup and Recovery' started by jdaniel1127, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. jdaniel1127

    jdaniel1127 Guest

    What a struggle this has been..

    Tried an expdp full=y from windows 2008 running 10G to windows 2012 running 11G, didn't work.
    Then created tablespaces in 11G and tried expdp content=metadata_only but only get user i login with schemas not all schemas (user granted exp_full_database).

    trying to export everything from 10G box to import to 11G test box. Also, in place upgrade failed too.....

    trying to use the following command:
    expdp content=matadata_only dumpfile=dumpsch.dmp logfile=dumpsch.log

    expdp content=data_only dumpfile=dumpdata.dmp logfile=dumpdata.log
  2. zargon

    zargon Community Moderator Forum Guru

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    If you are not connecting as SYS to do this you won't get all of the database objects.