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Webservices development through xfire in spring 2010-09-25

Webservices development through xfire in spring

  1. prsingh11
    This tutorial introduces the process for using MyEclipse web services feature-set to quickly develop and testing a HelloWorld web service using a "code-first" web service development strategy. The code-first strategy concentrates development priorities and effort towards developing application business logic prior to addressing the web service interfacing requirements of the service. Typcially code-first projects will design and implement the Java beans (POJOs) responsible for the core business use-cases. Once satisfied with the POJO implementation, the web service interface will be designed and implemented to expose the public POJO services. This approach is considered ad-hoc by many and is best utilized for prototyping or small standalone system of services.

    What is covered in this tutorial?
    • An overview of MyEclipse Web Services development concepts
    • Creation of a MyEclipse web services project
    • Creation of a simple HelloWorld web service
    • Deployment of a web service into a web container such as Tomcat 5 and weblogic 9.2
    • Testing of a deployed web services using the Web Services Explorer