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Virtualizing oracle applications e-business suite environment 2011-06-01

Virtualizing oracle applications e-business suite environment

  1. afbspo
    This white paper illustrates the business value of virtualizing an Oracle E-Business Suite (Release 12) Applications environment. It describes the steps needed to install Oracle Applications in a VMware virtualized infrastructure and documents the Oracle E-Business (R12) virtual infrastructure for development and test environments. This paper addresses best practices for eliminating te challenge of multiple Oracle development and test environments with many physical servers.

    It also discusses the lifecycle of an Oracle Applications implementation and the use of virtualization to illustrate the following:
    • Server consolidation
    • Physical infrastructure cost
    • Flexibility
    In summary, virtualized Oracle E-Business Suite R12 environments (Test. Development, and others) can be decoupled from a hardware infrastructure to enable flexibility and reduce cost.