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Utl_file: reading and writing server-side files 2011-04-08

Utl_file: reading and writing server-side files

  1. amit4saroha
    UTL_FILE is a package that has been welcomed warmly by PL/SQL developers. It allows PL/SQL programs to both read from and write to any operating system files that are accessible from the server on which your database instance is running. File I/O was a feature long desired in PL/SQL, but available only with PL/SQL Release 2.3 and later (Oracle 7.3 or Oracle 8.0). You can now read ini files and interact with the operating system a little more easily than has been possible in the past. You can load data from files directly into database tables while applying the full power and flexibility of PL/SQL programming. You can generate reports directly from within PL/SQL without worrying about the maximum buffer restrictions of DBMS_OUTPUT