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Using oracle workflow in oracle order management 2011-06-21

Using oracle workflow in oracle order management

  1. chandan0301
    Oracle Order Management uses Oracle Workflow to control the sequence of events that occurs in the processing of orders, returns, order lines, and return lines. Oracle Workflow manages activities, executes functions, sends notifications, maintains completed activity history, detects errors, and initiates error processes. Oracle Order Management also uses Oracle Workflow to enable you to track the history of orders.

    Oracle Order Management enables you to model your business processes in terms of generic order processes. When defining a new workflow, you can begin with the basic activities of order processing. You can model your business processes by copying and editing seeded processes or by using seeded and custom activities as components.

    This guide provides details about how to extend Oracle Workflow in Oracle Order Management to best meet your business needs. This guide also provides detailed information regarding the workflow processes that come seeded with Oracle Order Management.