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Using oracle forms & reports developer and open client adapter to access odbc 2011-09-13

Using oracle forms & reports developer and open client adapter to access odbc

  1. vaibhavbsavairam
    The Oracle Open Client Adapter for ODBC (OCA) allows Forms Developer and Reports Developer on Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT to access ODBC-compliant data sources through ODBC drivers. Using the Oracle Open Client Adapter, an application can access different data sources in a consistent manner. This allows an application developer to build an application that can run unmodified against one of several databases.

    Alternatively, the application can be targeted at a specific database, and take advantage of features particular to that system. This document explains how to build Forms Developer and Reports Developer applications that access data stored in ODBC data sources. The first chapter, Getting Started, gives general guidelines that apply to any ODBC data source. The second chapter, "Building Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Reports Developer Applications for ODBC Data Sources", gives instructions for building applications that can access any ODBC data source. For additional information about specific ODBC data sources please refer to the database-specific information chapters.

    The absence of a specific chapter for a given database does not mean we do not support ODBC access of that database using the OCA. There are a limited number of databases we can test and document, but the OCA should work with any ODBC data source,