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User guide for self service access requests 2011-04-29

User guide for self service access requests

  1. Hamdi.Rashad
    The Oracle Self Service Access Request system allows an Oracle user to request new roles on their own behalf. The self service system provides an online method to request Oracle Access online. The request itself is as simple as logging in, selecting a role, entering a justification and submitting the request. Once a user submits a request, the approvals process begins. The approver(s) for each role is based on the module and functionality of that role. Approvers are notified of the request by email. The email contains a link taking the approver into Oracle where they can approve or reject the request. Once the request is rejected, or the final approval is submitted, an email is sent to the requestor notifying them of the outcome. If approved, the role is granted in Oracle within minutes of the final approval.

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