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Understanding ucm workflow 2011-06-26

Understanding ucm workflow

  1. viswam_i
    Workflows are one of the most used and useful features of UCM. They give you the power to quickly set up reviews and approvals for documents, web pages, product documentation, "stage gates" for project management artifacts, "virtual voting" on government legislation, gathering digital signatures, and SOX compliance reviews.

    This Document covers things you'd be doing most of the time as well as other important things you ought to know about workfl ows. More specifi cally you will learn:

    • How to set up and change Content Server workfl ows—allowing you to get up to speed really fast, walking you step by step through an automation of a real-world approval process.
    • Hidden (and frequently overlooked) facts about content life cycle that will help you locate and reclaim your disappeared content items.
    • Tools you need for advanced workfl ow design such as workflow templates, jumps, sub-workfl ows, and scripting—that let you harness the true power of Content Server workflows.
    • How to group approvers and even select them dynamically based on the business rules—maybe the last bit of advice you will need to automate that complex business process you were looking at.
    • Different types of workflows you have to choose from and how to pick the best one for your task at hand.