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Ahmad Al-Eisa

TALEO Recruiting Javascript API Usage 2016-01-14

oracle, taleo, recruiting, javascript

  1. Ahmad Al-Eisa
    One of the common requirements in a number of Taleo Enterprise Edition implementations, is the
    need to set the value of specific fields based on the value of other fields in a form. A typical example
    of this is the need to calculate the components of salary based on the basic salary entered in the offer
    grid. The traditional solution for such a requirement is to use Taleo Connect Client to extract data
    from a form, carry out data manipulation and import the data back into the specific fields.
    An elegant alternative to the above approach is the use of delivered Javascript APIs within Taleo
    Enterprise Edition to manipulate data and populate required fields, from within the browser session
    itself. This approach brings forth the following advantages:
    a) Data manipulation can be carried out at the time of working on a form itself – thereby
    providing real time calculation and validation of data.
    b) Business users can invoke the javascript directly from the browser, thereby eliminating any
    need to involve IT to run TCC scripts.
    c) Javascript is a common and powerful language, thus complex logic for data manipulation can
    be implemented using this method.
    This paper examines the Javascript API functionality that is available in Taleo Enterprise Edition 14A
    and provides examples of implementing the Javascript API for field manipulation.