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Subledger accounting setup for oracle assets 2011-04-07

Subledger accounting setup for oracle assets

  1. asrpg72
    The purpose of this Document is to provide an overview on possible Subledger Accounting setup for Fixed Assets. We will discuss various scenarios and explain the necessary setup steps.

    Subledger Accounting (SLA) is a rule-based accounting engine that centralizes accounting for Oracle E-Business Suite products in R12.Subledger Accounting is not a separate product in itself, but is Oracle’s engine catering to the accounting needs of both Oracle and external modules. Together with the new ledger support, Subledger Accounting enables support of multiple accounting requirements concurrently in a single instance. Different accounting regulations can be satisfied by maintaining and applying different sets of rules to different sets of transactions, or accounting for the same transaction with multiple methods. Subledger accounting options define how journal entries are generated from subledger transactions at the subledger application level.

    Note: SLA replaces the different accounting engines available in 11i e.g., the AP accounting engine, FA accounting engine, Global Accounting Engine (AX), and so forth.