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Standard order cycle (o to c) 2011-06-03

Standard order cycle (o to c)

  1. Srinuamul
    Presentation of Standard Order Cycle in Oracle Order Management covering,

    • Creation of Items
    • Setting up Selling Price for an Item
    • Define Customer
    • Creation of Sales Order
    • Sales Order Booking, Releasing, Ship Confirm the Finished Goods
    • Run Auto invoice
    • View Sales Invoice, Create Receipt, Remittance
    • Reconciliation

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  1. omoraclemfg
    Version: 2015-07-14
    i cant download it
  2. karthikeyang84
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Hi Vivek,

    thanks... nice document.

    I think Sale Agreement & Fulfillment process not mentioned.