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Sql query to find all scheduled concurrent requests 2011-03-22

Sql query to find all scheduled concurrent requests

  1. sujoyb
    We have been using this script for sometime now for finding all scheduled concurrent programs.

    [highlight=sql]SELECT fcr.request_id,
    'Report Set',
    'Report Set:' || fcr.description,
    fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name) CONC_PROG_NAME,
    argument_text PARAMETERS,
    NVL2(fcr.release_class_id, 'ON SPECIFIC DAYS', 'ONCE')) PROG_SCHEDULE_TYPE,
    NVL2(fcr.release_class_id, 'ON SPECIFIC DAYS', 'ONCE')),
    'EVERY ' || fcr.resubmit_interval || ' ' ||
    fcr.resubmit_interval_unit_code || ' FROM ' ||
    fcr.resubmit_interval_type_code || ' OF PREV RUN',
    'AT :' ||
    TO_CHAR(fcr.requested_start_date, 'DD-MON-RR HH24:MI'),
    'EVERY: ' || fcrc.class_info) PROG_SCHEDULE,
    fu.user_name USER_NAME,
    requested_start_date START_DATE
    FROM apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcpt,
    apps.fnd_concurrent_requests fcr,
    apps.fnd_user fu,
    apps.fnd_conc_release_classes fcrc
    WHERE fcpt.application_id = fcr.program_application_id
    AND fcpt.concurrent_program_id = fcr.concurrent_program_id
    AND fcr.requested_by = fu.user_id
    AND fcr.phase_code = 'P'
    AND fcr.requested_start_date > SYSDATE
    AND fcpt.LANGUAGE = 'US'
    AND fcrc.release_class_id(+) = fcr.release_class_id
    AND fcrc.application_id(+) = fcr.release_class_app_id;[/highlight]