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Sql loader control file reference 2011-07-06

Sql loader control file reference

  1. shreybansal@yahoo.com
    This Doc describes the SQL*Loader control file in Oracle 9i. The following topics are included:
    • Control File Contents
    • Specifying Command-Line Parameters in the Control File
    • Specifying Filenames and Object Names
    • Specifying Datafiles
    • Identifying Data in the Control File with BEGINDATA
    • Specifying Datafile Format and Buffering
    • Specifying the Bad File
    • Specifying the Discard File
    • Handling Different Character Encoding Schemes
    • Interrupted Loads
    • Assembling Logical Records from Physical Records
    • Loading Logical Records into Tables
    • Index Options
    • Benefits of Using Multiple INTO TABLE Clauses
    • Bind Arrays and Conventional Path Loads