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Release 11i multi-org today 2011-02-02

Release 11i multi-org today

  1. moon.golla@gmail.com
    Sub Ledger Accounting (SLA) is a Rule-Based accounting engine that defines how journal entries are generated in sub-ledger transactions in Oracle sub-ledger applications. However, SLA also supports external applications generating accounting information which ultimately needs to be transferred to Oracle General Ledger. Before we get into SLA we need to know few of the basic concepts like event types, event class, etc.
    Event Class - classifies transaction types for accounting rule purposes. E.g. in Payables, following are possible event classes: Invoice, Debit Memo, Prepayments, Refunds and Payments.
    Event Type - for each transaction type, defines possible actions with accounting significance. E.g. in Payables, following are possible event classes: AP Invoice Events – Validation, Adjustment and Cancellation. Similarly we will have event types for other event classes.