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Recruitment communication in oracle irecruitment 2011-04-28

Recruitment communication in oracle irecruitment

  1. rpkapps
    Every employer would like to be the "Employer of Choice" given most of what they could achieve depends on their ability to attract and retain key talent. Employment brand is how the talent pool feels about working with a company or the value the potential employees associate with their future job or workplace. While companies have been focusing on the brand value for their products to increase sales and revenue, the employment brand is essential to provide them the talent to nurture and deliver on their brand promise. In an age when everyone is pursuing the elusive "passive applicant", a company’s employment brand is what could attract them into the recruitment process.

    The brand promise should be reflected in whatever the organization does. Can you imagine an "employer of choice" having a disorganized, mechanical recruitment process? The first place where the potential employee gets a feel of an organization and its employment brand promise is during the recruitment process. During recruitment, companies focus on whether the prospect matches their expectation. The most eligible applicants always are at the pedestal to do a similar evaluation about the employer.

    This white paper discusses the following:
    • Applicant experience as a key aspect that impacts the employment brand
    • How Oracle iRecruitment R12.1 Communication feature could be leveraged to improve the applicant experience.