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R12 install/patch/maintain course ppt files 2013-02-07

R12 install/patch/maintain course ppt files

  1. Borhanx
    R12 Install/Patch/Maintain Course PPT Files (Slides) Zipped file


    01- Oracle Application Overview :
    Oracle E-Business Suite Home Page
    HTML Interface
    Forms Interface
    Concurrent Processing
    Database Components
    File System Components
    Applications Technology Stack
    Rapid Install
    Component Products
    Product Dependencies
    Vision Demo Database
    02- Prepare for your installation :
    Rapid Install
    Rapid Install environments and platforms
    Planning the installation
    Staging the CDs
    Starting Rapid Install
    03- Performing an installation :
    Introduction to standard installations
    Select the installation type
    Choose Oracle Configuration Manager options
    Choose configuration source
    Specify global settings
    Configure database node
    Select licensing options
    Select country-specific functionalities and internationalization settings (if applicable)
    Configure applications nodes
    Carry out the installation
    Review post-installation tests
    Connect to Oracle Applications
    Introduction to Express installations
    Differences between Express and standard installations
    04- Finishing your installation :
    Required Post-Installation Steps
    Log In to Oracle Applications
    Tasks Specific to Your Installation
    05- Oracle Application Components :
    How Oracle Applications uses the Applications technology stack components
    Components of the desktop tier
    Components of the application tier
    Components of the database tier
    Products of the Application Technology layer
    Introduction to Oracle Applications Manager
    Summary of technology stack changes
    06- Environment Files, Control Scripts, and Languages :
    The main Oracle Applications environment file, <CONTEXT_NAME>.env, and its key parameters
    Other Applications environment files, including:
    Application tier server process scripts
    Character sets
    Additional languages
    Translated language items
    07- Oracle Application File System :
    Introduction to INST_TOP
    Database and Applications tier file system
    APPL_TOP directory structure
    Globalization products
    Distributing files across disks
    Structure of product directories
    Contents of product directories
    Key APPL_TOP subdirectories
    The Applications context file
    COMMON_TOP directory
    Java files
    Applications technology stack directories
    Applications database files directory
    Oracle database server ORACLE_HOME
    08- Oracle Applications Database :
    Oracle Applications database objects
    The APPS schema
    Oracle Applications product schemas
    Multiple Organization Architecture
    Reporting Currencies
    Database tier server process scripts
    09- Advanced Configuration Options :
    Shared Application Tier File System
    Load Balancing Options
    Network Features
    10- Use Oracle Applications AD Utilities :
    Configuration and environment files
    Setting the environment
    The AD utilities
    Command line arguments and flags
    AD utilities features
    AD prompts
    Parallel processing
    Distributed AD
    Log and restart files
    Maintenance Mode
    11- Generate Applications Files Tasks :
    Describe AD Administration
    Perform preliminary steps
    Respond to prompts
    Describe the Generate Applications Files menu tasks
    12- AD Administration: Maintain Applications Files Tasks :
    Copying files to destinations
    Converting the character set
    Maintaining snapshot information
    Checking for missing files
    Performing file system tasks on multi-node systems
    13- AD Administration: Maintain Database Entities Tasks :
    The Maintain Database Entites menu tasks
    Validating the APPS schema
    Recreating grants and synonyms for APPS schemas
    Maintaining multilingual tables
    14- AD Administration: Compile/Reload Database Entities Tasks :
    Compiling APPS schemas
    Compiling menu information
    Compiling flexfield data
    Reloading JAR files to the database
    15- AD Administration: Non-Interactive Operation, and Maintenance Mode :
    Creating the AD Administration defaults file
    Running AD Administration in non-interactive mode
    Changing maintenance mode
    16- Special Utilities :
    AD Controller
    Review worker status
    Restart a failed worker
    AD Relink
    17- AutoConfig :
    Context Files
    Introduction to AutoConfig
    AutoConfig Features
    AutoConfig Operation
    Running AutoConfig from Oracle Applications Manager
    Using the Support Cart
    Restoring a Previous Configuration
    Comparing Configurations
    18- License Manager :
    Introduction to License Manager
    Accessing License Manager
    Registering the E-Business Suite
    Registering component applications
    Registering individual products
    Registering country-specific functionalities
    Registering languages
    Running License Manager reports
    19- Reporting Utilities :
    Running AD Configuration
    Using AD File Identification
    Running the AD Job Timing report
    Reducing system downtime
    20- Configuration Utilities :
    AD Splicer
    AD Splicer control files
    Post-splice steps
    File Character Set Conversion
    21- Patching and the AutoPatch Process :
    Patch naming convention
    Patch components
    Patch creation
    Downloading a patch
    Overview of AutoPatch
    AutoPatch operations
    Applying a patch
    Patch application in a multi-node system
    Patch documentation files
    22- Patch Wizard :
    Accessing Patch Wizard
    Patch Wizard main page
    Patch Wizard setup
    Define the stage directory
    Define patch filters
    Patch Wizard requests - submit
    Patch Wizard requests - view
    Patch Wizard results
    23- Running AutoPatch :
    AutoPatch Setup Tasks
    Running AutoPatch
    AutoPatch Prompts
    AutoPatch Messages
    Post AutoPatch Tasks
    When a Worker Fails
    Restarting AutoPatch
    24- OAM Timing Reports :
    Accessing OAM Timing Reports
    Timing Reports main page
    AutoPatch Timing Details report
    AD Administration Timing Details report
    Job Timing report
    Phase Information report
    Exceptions report
    25- Other Patching Topics :
    AutoPatch Modes
    AutoPatch Options
    Java Release Infrastructure
    Patching Java Files
    Adding Translations and New Products
    Using Test and Production Systems
    AD Merge Patch
    Merging Patches
    26- Applied Patches Information :
    Applied Patches search pages
    Applied Patches reports
    Applied Patches and AutoPatch modes
    Accessing Applied Patches
    Simple Search
    Advanced Search
    Simple Files Search
    Advanced Files Search
    27- Cloning Oracle Applications :
    Situations that may require cloning
    Rapid Clone
    Cloning phases
    Prerequisite steps
    Clone Oracle Applications
    Finishing tasks
    28- Advanced Cloning Options :
    Refresh a cloned target system
    Clone a single-node system to a multi-node system
    Clone a multi-node system to a multi-node system
    Add a node to an existing system
    Reduce the number of nodes on a multi-node system

    Good Luck :)

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