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  1. sabir
    Accounting Event Account Head Debit Credit
    Depreciation Method Adjustments – Original Cost 1000$ in Q1 Year 1; dep rate 20% WDV; Method changed to SLM in Q1 Year 3
    Expensed Depreciation Expense A/c 40.00$
    Accumulated Depreciation A/c 40.00$

    Amortized Depreciation Expense A/c 200.00$
    Accumulated Depreciation A/c 200.00$
    Rate Adjustment-any method (In above case rate changed to 25% SLM from Q3 Year 4) Depreciation Expense A/c 62.50$
    Depreciation Expense A/c (adjustment) 175.00$
    Accumulated Depreciation A/c 237.50$

    Amortized Depreciation Expense A/c 62.50$
    Accumulated Depreciation A/c 62.50$