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Parallel approvals – consensus demo 2013-09-04

Parallel approvals – consensus demo

  1. dilip.sahu@gmail.com
    Parallel Approvals – Consensus Demo - AME
    Parallel Approvals – Consensus Demo
    1. User, Employee setup done.
    Position Hierarchy: Selvan  Raja  Ramesh
    2. Action Type:
    Navigation  AME Business Analyst  AME Business Analyst Dashboard Select
    Transaction Type (Purchase Requisition)  Select Action Type.
    In the action type select voting method as “Consensus” and click on the Apply button.
    3. a) Rule Creation:
    b) Add Condition: Req total is greater than 5000 USD.
    c) Action Type- HR Position level.
    Action Selected: Require approvals up to first two positions up.
    4) a) Create Requisition with Amount greater than 5000 USD.
    b) Shopping Cart:
    c) Checkout Requisition Information:
    d) Approver list generated :
    e) List of approvers in the Chain of Authority:
    5) a) Login as user Rajak:
    b) Notification for Raja:
    Not responding to the notification.
    6) a) Login as Ramesh.
    b) Notification for Ramesh:
    c) Approving the notification.
    7) a) Login to user Rajak
    b) Requisition still InProcess as Raja is yet to Approver.
    In Consensus voting method, all the approvers need to approve the Requisition.
    Raja approves the Requisition.
    Now the requisition is in Approved Status.