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Packtpub oracle jdeveloper 11gr2 cookbook 2012-10-29

Packtpub oracle jdeveloper 11gr2 cookbook

  1. Ernesto
    Get quickly up and running by downloading, installing and optimizing JDeveloper on Linux
    Absorb the foundational techniques presented for laying out the Fusion Web ADF Application during the application architectural phases
    Get to grips with using custom properties and property sets for generic programming and overriding doDML() to populate sequence attributes
    Work with View objects, List-of-Values, Bind Variables and View Criteria
    Handle security, exceptions, logging and session timeouts
    Create and use generic extension interfaces, service-enabling Application Modules and shared Applications Modules
    Go further with ADF Faces techniques like using custom listeners for query panel operations and programmatically executing operation bindings
    Master Task Flow techniques such as using a Method Call activity to initialize a page and using Task Flow Initializers