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Overview of accounting entries in oracle applications 2011-04-01

Overview of accounting entries in oracle applications

  1. elpashoty
    While implementing Oracle Applications there is often a need for an integrated functional overview on journal entries. This need is especially felt when setup discussions are on with the customer and decisions have to be made. The customer enters the discussions from a functional point of view. The available Oracle information and documentation is fragmented and detailed. For each module or application separate manuals exist. These manuals are focused on descriptions of windows and specific functions.

    The purpose of this document is to create an overview of the accounting entries in Oracle Applications in a such a way that:
    1. The determination of the system accounts takes place in a structured way. In practice, as part of the implementation, the customer will determine the chart of accounts. Often system accounts are not taken into account.
    2. The document can be used as project documentation and information to explain setup decisions. This is also the case for FastForward implementations for which all decsions already have been made.

    This is a very very useful Document and should be useful to all functional implementers.

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