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prashant mishra

O'Reilly Oracle PL SQL Programming V3 v3

includes each and every topic and in depth plsql knowledge

  1. prashant mishra
    Millions of application developers and database administrators around the world use software
    provided by Oracle Corporation to build complex systems that manage vast quantities of data. At
    the heart of much of Oracle's software is PL/SQL—a programming language that provides
    procedural extensions to Oracle's version of SQL (Structured Query Language), and serves as the
    programming language within the Oracle Developer toolset (most notably Forms Developer and
    Reports Developer).
    PL/SQL figures prominently as an enabling technology in almost every new product released by
    Oracle Corporation. Software professionals use PL/SQL to perform many kinds of programming
    functions, including:
    l Implementing crucial business rules in the Oracle Server with PL/SQL-based stored
    procedures and database triggers
    l Generating and managing XML documents entirely within the database
    l Linking World Wide Web pages to an Oracle database
    l Implementing and automating database administration tasks—from establishing row-level
    security to managing rollback segments within PL/SQL programs