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Oracle payment minimum dummy bank account setup 2011-09-25

Oracle payment minimum dummy bank account setup

  1. adeyemi
    11i Oracle iPayment is replaced with a brand new product called Oracle Payments in Release 12. This new product has extended functionality for funds capture (inbound payments) and funds disbursement (outbound payments) processing. In Release 12, both Oracle Receivables and Payables have dependency on Oracle Payments implementation. For funds capture processing, minimum implementation of Oracle Payments is mandatory even if realtime payment processing functionality is not used. If real
    time payment processing functionality is used, extensive setups as outlined in Oracle Payments implementation guide are needed. This note will document the setup's needed in Oracle Payments for merchants implementing Receivables (funds capture) without using real time payment processing. If these setups are not performed, receipt and remittance batches will fail with error "INVALID_PAYEE: Invalid payee identifier".

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