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Oracle Payable Period End Process 2015-09-21

Oracle Payable Period End Process

  1. krawal
    Accounts payable activity must be reconciled for the accounting period that is to be closed. The following steps are taken in performing period-end processing for Oracle Payables.

    The posting level for Oracle Payables must be determined when planning period-end procedures. Where detail level accounting transactions are required to be posted to the General Ledger using sub-ledger accounting (hereafter referred to as SLA), there may be technical constraints involved, relating to the physical data storage volume, and posting and report processing speed degradation caused by the sheer volume of posted transactions. In Release 12 the detailed level of posting can be controlled by GL summarize options and also at SLA journal line type level. Subledger Accounting can contain all of the detailed subledger accounting level analysis, so that the general ledger can remain “thin”. Then, Subledger Accounting online inquiry and BI Publisher reports can be utilized to report and analyze balances, and their transactions.