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Manoj Bora

Oracle HRMS Training PPT 2016-03-20

Oracle HRMS Training Snapshot

  1. Manoj Bora
    This is PPT document comprising of basic concepts of Oracle HRMS standard modules covering following areas:-
    • Introduction
    • Workforce Management Overview
    • Integration with other modules
    • HR Process Flow
    • Key Flexfields in HR
    • Payroll Key Flexfields
    • DFFs in HR
    • EIT vs SIT
    • Work Structure
    • Key Terminologies
    • Workforce Management
    • Hierarchies
    • Live Demo
    • Locations
    • Business Group
    • Workstructures – Org, Job, Grade, Position
    • Employee, Assignment, EIT, SIT and other screens
    • Date-Tracking
    • Key Terminologies
    • Recruitment Concepts and Cycle
    • Security
    • Payroll

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  1. Sarathk18
    Version: 2016-03-20
    Thanks a lot