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Oracle erp logo personalization 2014-02-20

Oracle erp logo personalization

  1. mrabdulbaqi88
    ORACLE ERP LOGO Personalization

    Change the Oracle Logo that appears in the isupport Homepage to the Company logo in R12
    Changing the oracle Ebusiness Suite homepage logo to company logo
    The profile option "Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications" controls the corporate
    branding image "ORACLE" displayed at the top of all OA Framework pages.
    If no value is set for this profile, OA Framework renders the corporate branding image by using
    the $OA_MEDIA/FNDSSCORP.gif file.

    If you change the value of this profile with the name of your custom image you will see your logo
    in all pages except in the login page because the "FNDSSCORP.gif " is hard coded in MainLoginPG.xml.

    Hence if you want to change the corporate branding image with your own logo and thus in all pages
    including the login page the simplest solution is to:

    - rename the FNDSSCORP.gif file for backup
    - edit the FNDSSCORP.gif with your preferred graphic software
    - log out and log into the Applications
    - you should see the new logo at the top of all the page (including the login page)

    2nd method:

    Login to Applications as System Administrator
    1.Select: System Administrator > Profile - System
    2.Query profile "Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications"
    3.Change the SITE level value to the name of the xxx.gif file ( eg my_company_logo.gif )
    4.Save the change
    The second action is performed on the Application server.
    1.Open a telnet/PTTY session to the Application server and source Applications environment
    2.Navigate to the $OA_MEDIA directory
    3.Copy the image file to this directory and make sure permissions are set properly
    Now clear your browser cache and access the environment. Now the new logo should be rendered.
    Q? The Custom logo is displayed differently on login page and after login. The resolution changes as opposed to the Oracle logo which stays the same size - please explain why ?
    Answer :
    The Corporate branding image has a size limit.
    This was good for Oracle default image FNDSSCORP.gif. But for custom images this size limit
    creats distortion.

    In R12 only small size branding is supported

    consequently you will need to reduce the size of your logo to avoid the distortion on the login page

    Refer to instructions in Framework Development guide for R12 - Note 394780.1