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Oracle ebusiness suite (obiee) integration 2011-03-24

Oracle ebusiness suite (obiee) integration

  1. Jayanth
    This article is to discuss the integration of the Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle BI EE in an Oracle BI Applications environment. BI Applications for EBS integration solution consists of application integration from a user interface perspective: single sign on, integrated user interface, action links (Action link screens enable to drill back into the transactional application screen from an Oracle BI request or dashboard) from a data source perspective. The following section discusses how to integrate OBIEE user interface with EBS, leveraging the EBS security framework.


    It is assumed the following pre-requisites are fulfilled:

    1. Oracle E-Business Suite (11.x) is installed
    2. Daily Business Intelligence is installed and is configured
    3. All necessary EBS patches (5556799, 5473858) have been applied by the EBS application DBA
    3. Client Browser accepts cookies
    4. Oracle Business Intelligence Platform (10.1.3.x) is installed in the same network domain