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Oracle eam overview whitepaper 2011-06-09

Oracle eam overview whitepaper

  1. Rajreddy_r
    Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) is a business application to manage the maintenance operations within a company. These operations can include both facility and production maintenance. An Asset is anything that requires maintenance; for example: a building, heating/air conditioning equipment, production equipment, vehicles, etc.

    Oracle eAM can be used as a standalone application. Oracle eAM bridges the gap between ERP/MRP Solutions and Asset Maintenance for industries such as Utilities, Metals/Mining, Pulp & Paper, Petrochemicals, Facilities, Governments, and Education that rely heavily on asset maintenance systems.

    The purpose of this whitepaper is to explain the features of Oracle Enterprise Management (eAM), the integration points with other EBusiness Suite modules and the procedure to implement eAM. This document also features some implementation points and discusses cases of some success in eAM.
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