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Oracle bi publisher 10g r3: fundamentals student guide 2013-09-08

Oracle bi publisher 10g r3: fundamentals student guide

  1. abdulrahman
    Oracle BI Publisher 10g R3: Fundamentals Student Guide


    1. Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher
    2. Oracle BI Publisher: Technology and Architecture
    3. Introduction to XML Standards
    4. Getting Started with BI Publisher: Creating a Simple Report
    5. Creating Simple RTF Templates
    6. Advanced RTF Template Techniques
    7. Creating Parameters, List Of Values and Hyperlinks
    8. Working with PDF and eText Templates
    9. Oracle BI Publisher Server: Administration
    10. Scheduling Reports and Analyzing Data
    11. Translating Reports
    12. Creating Reports by Defining XML Data Templates
    13. Oracle BI Publisher Integration Features
    14. Creating Reports Based on Other Data Sources