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Oracle applications interview questions : aol and system administration 2012-06-10

Oracle applications interview questions : aol and system administration

  1. Frazi
    Oracle Applications Interview Questions : AOL and System Administration
    I have included the answers at the end of Questions.Try to test yourself before answering Questions.

    1. Give me Importance of the AOL Module?

    2. What are the phases of any ERP?

    3. What is a DataGroup?

    4. Tell me the Archistructere of Oracle Application?

    5. What are the Configuration of Server?

    6. What is a Profile Option?

    7. How will you override The Non-Business Day Transactions?

    8. How many Countries are supporting this ERP?

    9. What is Responsibility?

    10. What are the Concurrent Managers

    11. Give the Definition of Concurrent Programs?

    12. What is the Source path of TEMPLATE?

    13. Give the Oracle Order Entry TEMPLATE path?

    14. What is a Schema?

    15. Why are you creating a synonym for tables in the APPS user?

    16. Write the Automatic Generation Number Trigger Name & Code?

    17. What is the importance of Form Function?

    18. How many ways you can create Concurrent Programs in Oracle Application?

    19. Tell the Concurrent Programs path of Sql * Reports?

    20. What is the Interface? How many we have?

    21. What is the Journals Interface Table Name?

    22. How can you create Parameters for Concurrent Programs?

    23. What is the Oracle User name For Oracle Purchasing Module?

    24. Where you should Register Concurrent Programs?

    25. How will you know the Table Name?


    1. It will act’s a tool of Oracle Applications

    2. Installation, Implementation, Data Enter/Loading, Customization

    3. Which you can store the modules and it will check whenever the user open any form

    4. 3 tier, 1:Nc/Pc 2:Forms Server, Web Server,IIS Server 3:Application Data, Concurrent Requests

    5. 10 Gb Hard disk, 512 Mb Ram, Dual Processor, PIII ,Windows Nt/ Unix, Oracle 8.0, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5

    6. Using this you can change the Oracle Applications according your business requirements, it can Sql Query Statements

    7. Set to “Yes” the Journals: Allow Transactions Non Business Days Profile Option

    8. 37 Countries

    9. It contains a Group of Forms or Sub/Main Menus

    10. To Generate the requests

    11. It is Execution Program which runs simantensouly with online Operations

    12. D:/OA/Applst/Au/11.0.028/Forms/Us/Template.fmb

    13. D:/OA/Applst/Oe/11.0.028/Forms/Us/

    14. It is Nothing but a user which will contains all the Database Objects relating that user

    15. One is for Security and second one is APPS is the Main user of Oracle Applications

    16. When-Validate-Item, Select Nvl(Max(slno),0)+1 into :BlockName.Item Name from Table Name

    17. To excluding the Form from the Main Menu

    18. Lot of ways like Sql * Reports, Sql * Loader, ProC, Spawned, PlSql Libraries, Oracle Reports

    19. D:/OA/Applst//Gl/11.0.028/Sql

    20. Transfer the Data From Legacy Systems to Oracle Applications this we will call as Open Interface the second one is Feeder System Like One Module to Another Module


    22. Using Query Statements and Value Sets

    23. PO

    24. In the Concurrent Programs Group in the System Administration Module like Gl_Concurrent Program_Group

    25. In the Help/About this Record