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maf gaber

Oracle Alert R12 User Guide 2015-09-16

How to use alerts in Oracle eBS

  1. maf gaber
    1 Overview of Oracle Alert
    This chapter gives you an overview of the major features of Oracle Alert, which:
    • Keep you informed of critical activity in your database
    • Deliver key information from your applications, in the format you choose
    • Provide you with regular reports on your database information
    • Automate system maintenance, and routine online tasks
    2 Defining Alerts
    This chapter tells you how to define alerts in Oracle Alert.
    It includes a summary of major alert features and an explanation of the steps you
    complete to define both periodic and event alerts.
    3 Customizing Alerts
    This chapter tells you how to further customize the alerts you define so that they
    perform the exact kind of exception reporting your organization needs.
    4 Using Oracle Alert History: Duplicate Checking and Action Escalation
    This chapter defines Oracle Alert History and discusses ways you can use alert history
    to enhance your exception reporting capabilities.
    This section includes a summary of the major Oracle Alert History features, including a
    discussion of alert history concepts. This chapter also explains how you use alert history
    to accomplish various tasks.
    5 Using Response Processing
    This chapter tells you everything you need to know about response processing in
    Oracle Alert.
    This section includes a summary of the major response processing features and a
    discussion of response processing concepts. This chapter also contains task essays that
    explain how you perform typical response-processing tasks.
    6 How Oracle Alert Checks Alerts
    This chapter discusses how Oracle Alert checks for alert exceptions.
    7 Setting Up Oracle Alert
    This chapter describes additional ways you can set up your Oracle Alert installation to
    meet your organization's exception-reporting needs.
    8 Using Precoded Alerts
    This chapter describes the precoded alerts that are included in your Oracle Alert
    9 Implementing Oracle Alert
    This chapter describes the steps necessary to implement Oracle Alert.
    A Menu Navigation Appendix
    This appendix lists the forms available in the Oracle Alert Manager responsibility along
    with their navigation paths.