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Oracle 1z0-520: practice exam 2012-02-20

Oracle 1z0-520: practice exam

  1. aahutisingh
    Practice exam for Oracle 1z0-520 helpful for those preparing for Oracle certified exam for purchasing.

Recent Reviews

  1. Sadik
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Hi Ramji,

    Actually this is not a dump. It's a practice exam from one of the several hundreds of coaching institutes. I do agree with you though, that people who attempt to pass certification exams by preparing from dumps are harming both themselves and the industry.
  2. Ramji
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Aahuti Singh,

    Plagiarism is a disease. Having seen the market for Microsoft , Cisco and other Products getting screwed up since 2000, your posting such material for Oracle ERP is an indication of things to come. The writing is on the wall. Atleast you should think of the long term detriment such activities cause to the profession.

    This is the main reason why Indians are not respected and any qualifications they acquire devalued the world over. Actually this affects the people who sacrifice a lot to get real hands on knowledge and struggle to make it to the top. Unfairly they are put in the same class and branded.

    Please think it over.