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Multi period accounting setups in payables in r12 2011-05-10

Multi period accounting setups in payables in r12

  1. soji
    The Documents contains the setup steps of Multi Period Accounting in Payables in R12

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  1. prasanthbab@gmail.com
    [email protected]
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Hi George,

    The first document which i found for Multiperiod Accounting, if you hase full setup and requirement document please forward to me along with accounting entries.

    The main confusion in Multiperiod accounting as follow.

    1. Which Account we need to Debit i.e Expense or Asset because while creating an Standard Invoice in Jan-11

    Expense Account Debit (rent) 3000
    Liability Account Credit (Supplier Liablity) 3000.

    but in multi period concept can we create it for 3 different periods i.e Jan-11, FEB-11, MAR-11.

    we want schedule our Invoice distribution line into 3 lines ,
    rent Account 1000 for Jan-11.

    rent Account 1000 for Feb-11.

    rent Account 1000 for Mar-11.

    will my liability recognise based on the create acconting process i.e For Jan-11 amount is 1000 for Feb-11 1000 and Mar-11 1000 is it possible through Multiperiod accounting.