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  1. Shwetha
    Multi-Org or multiple organization access (MOAC) is basically the ability to access multiple operating units from a single application responsibility. In Release 11i, when one had to enter or process data for multiple operating units, one had to login to different responsibilities because each responsibility could only access one operating unit. If one was managing Payables for Sweden, Norway and Finland one needed to define three different responsibilities. In Release 12, one would create a Security Profile and assign as many operating units as you required. One can tie that security profile to a single responsibility using a profile option called MO: Security Profile. For example, you could assign the security profile to the EMEA Payables responsibility to allow that responsibility to process invoices across all three operating units.

    In Release 12, define a security profile in HR using the Security profile form or the Global Security profile form, and assign all of the operating units that one would want a responsibility to access. The one needs to run a concurrent request called “Run Security List Maintenance” from HR which will make those security profile available and allow one to assign them to a responsibility via a profile option called MO: Security Profile.

    One can define an operating unit using the Accounting Setup Manager in Oracle General Ledger or Organization Definition form in Oracle HRMS or Inventory. We shall discuss about Accounting Setup Manager in a future blog post. An operating unit is then attached to a default legal context (as compared to Legal Entity in Release 11i)

    Define a security profile using either of the two forms: Security Profile form or the Global Security Profile Form that is shown below. Both forms look almost identical where Security Profile Form allows one to select operating units from only one Business Group where as Global Security profile Form allows one to select operating units from multiple Business Groups.

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  1. (deleted member)
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Hi Shwetha,
    This is a great overview, i have some indepth guides I have produced myself for set up of MOAC - I am about to start an upgrade of R12 from 11.5.10 and client is interested in using MOAC fucntionality but do not have an install of HR. Can you still access HR forms or is there a workaround. I am aware of Multi org preferences attached to each subledger however these work from security profile
    In summary without install of HR can you still get access to security form?