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Invoice Approval Rules-Business Use Cases Document 1

Oracle Fusion AP Invoice Approval Document

  1. Iwanhe
    This document covers the most common business use cases of invoice approval in a Payables Department. Each business use case provides how to configure the invoice approval rules, using various participants, invoice attributes, and list builders such as:

    • Single Approver
    • Approval Group
    • Supervisor Hierarchy
    • Job level Hierarchy
    • Position Hierarchy
    The information presented in this document is intended to help various users (Payables business users, Approval workflow administrators and Consultants) who are involved in the configuration of invoice approval policy to meet the various business use cases of invoice approvals in a Payables Department.

    Note: 1) Refer to the Appendix section for navigation details for configuring invoice approval rules and approval groups.

    2) Refer to the Oracle Fusion Payables Approvals Overview document (Doc ID 2050018.1) to configure basic invoice approval rules within business process management.

    Disclaimer: This use case document is not an exhaustive list and does not cover every business use case that may arise from various industries.