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Introduction to oracle apps r12 sla 2011-03-16

Introduction to oracle apps r12 sla

  1. ismailr
    The new Subledger Accounting Engine represents a major shift in architecture for the accounting component of the Financials product family. In prior releases, the accounting events were stored within individual subledgers. Now a new schema (XLA) exists and the accounting events for each subledger are retained within one data model. One of the new functionalities of the Subledger Accounting Engine is the Accounting Methods Builder which enables users to define accounting rules using standard Oracle forms. With this functionality, users will be able to define and maintain custom accounting rules which before were defined in Workflow Account Generators. Users will find several advantages to transitioning custom accounting rules from Account Generators to the Accounting Methods Builder.

    This Document explores the functionality available in Release 11i Account Generators and then compare that with the functionality found in Subledger Accounting Engine, specifically the Accounting Methods Builder. Next, a test case highlighting the transition from a FA Account Generator to SLA Accounting Rules will be explored. Finally, the benefits of transitioning from Account Generators to SLA will be discussed.