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Integrating oracle projects (pa) with other oracle financials modules 2012-01-03

Integrating oracle projects (pa) with other oracle financials modules

  1. venkateswarlu.y@genpact
    This presentation discusses the basic concepts of integrating Oracle Projects (PA) with five other Oracle Financials modules, namely Oracle General Ledger (GL), Oracle Purchasing (PO), Oracle Payables (AP), Oracle Receivables (AR) and Oracle Fixed Assets (FA).

    It aims to explain the integration points under the following broad heads:

    • the flow of data across the integration point;
    • the set up parameters necessary to enable inter-module integration; and,
    • the required concurrent manager processes to push or pull data across these integration points.

Recent Reviews

  1. shabeerm
    Version: 2015-07-14
    will you please update the screen shots of purchasing module if any possible...
  2. mohammed.athar@gmail.om
    [email protected]
    Version: 2015-07-14
    Hi Venkateswarlu

    Appriciate if you can add screen shot of PO and PA integration.... also i have a doubt in GL & PA integration appriciate if you can clarify....

    Our AKK is defined as . company.project.department.Naturalaccount.subaccount.future
    and we want to implement Oracle Project Suite and here we need to have activity base costing (i.e budget ,cost ,etc must be capture on item or activity level) then how will we map these cost with GL (is it that we need to roll-up these cost under project segment)

    Please give you suggestion.