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Ey te020 - uatp integrations - gl interface.doc 2012-10-10

Ey te020 - uatp integrations - gl interface.doc

  1. ashoksgasti
    This Unit Test Script verifies that each application extension conforms to development standards by using this standards checklist. This test script has been updated to incorporate the standards at this implementation site. The tests outlined here were performed as the first step during unit testing of each application extension.
    This checklist covers only common and easily tested problems, and makes no pretense of being a comprehensive check for compliance to standards. If it were, this checklist would be as big as the UI standards document and would take far too long to go through. All developers and testers have already read the entire user interface standards document (and any relevant areas of the coding standards document). They have checked things they see against those standards even when they do not appear on the checklist.
    Further, after doing your own checking, the Tester will review every window for standards problems missed by the initial tester. The Tester also identified general user interface improvements possible beyond simple standards issues. The Tester reviewed for possible overall improvements (better ways to present the information or lay out the window, better methods of how to do the necessary actions, and so on). This was done allowing enough time to make any necessary changes, not just before release. Testers were available for preliminary checks and user interface ideas at any point during the design. Preliminary reviews were starting with the un-coded window layout, or even a sketch, before beginning programming code.