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Ethics and corporate governance 2012-06-04

Ethics and corporate governance

  1. rohangovila
    Each one of us lives with a set of beliefs which we term as our values. Values are nothing but a frame work, of what we think is fair and right in the society. We use this framework to base our decisions in life. The value system that one espouses is also a window of our ‘self’ in the eyes of the world.
    While giving the individual social standing, which is important, the value frame work also increases the comfort level of the individual, that he/she is right and is doing thing by the society and the social system that one is placed in.
    Is it possible that your value system is more rigorous than the current societal values? It can happen.
    It is not necessary that at all times one agrees with what are the current norms of the society. If that be so we could not have had leaders who got the society to follow them in what they thought were the more appropriate values.
    The values that a person stands for is the result of a life time’s collection of experiences, learning and introspection .Having said that , it must be clarified that the values that a person espouses are meant to help the person achieve his/her goals in life on a day to day basis. In other words what a person may desire has nothing to do with the value system that the person has framed. The value system is only a guiding post to help the individual achieve the objectives