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Documents of records 2013-01-16

Documents of records

  1. prashanthcreddy
    Documents of Records: Core HR Functionality

    By using this functionality we can upload employee or applicant required document as many as we require against the employee or applicant.
    1st we need to create Our own CODE Under Application Utilities with selection Type Option is “ DOCUMENT_CATEGORY”
    N:HRMS ResponsibilityOther DefinitionApplication Utilities

    Once Define our own Code then Save the application
    We can call it which we defined as a code name is “CATEGORY”
    Under this category we have to create sub-categories
    I have created some of sub-categories under main category and the names are stated below

    After filling information then we need to run Concurrent Program for Registration Purpose to the particular Responsibility
    N: ViewRequest  
    In the name field we can write our own name

    Once the concurrent process is over then we need to add these CATEGORY To our Respective Responsibility
    N:HRMS ManagerSecurityInformation Type Security select “ Responsibility”
    Under Information Type select Respective CODE & SAVE

    Then SAVE the Application
    Once save the application now we can upload the require documents to the particular employee
    N:Hrms ResponsibilityPeopleEnter & Maintain
    Here I have selected “ Bedan Ngugi” and his no is: LSL 022
    Go to Other Option Select “ Document Of Records “  Click On Ok
    Once we ok it the system will generate another application where we have to upload documents…

    In the new application form click on Create Document Of Records..
    In the type field select your “ Category Code “

    Once fill the above required information then click on Add Attachment tab

    Fill require information of particular document and by selection the option tab “ Browse” we can upload as many documents as we require once upload click on Apply Button.
    Following the same process you can add many documents to the particular employee

    Once process is over click on the close window button……
    If you want to check the process which you have done
    Select the employee  others Document Of Records..

    The Above entire process is applicable only to the application which doesn’t need to run Menu and Responsibility Function and also we need to add some

    N:Sys AdministratorSecurityResponsibilityDefine

    Select MENU: Group : GLB SHRMS Navigator
    Request Group Name: Global SHRMS Reports & Process

    Add the selected function to the User Menu Name
    Menu: its combination of sub-menus / Functions’
    Some function s in the application being with not Run Process & Report Selection mode so we need to add the Request Group Name to the Request Group with the request type: Program