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Database storage for dummies 2014-05-10

Database storage for dummies

  1. booksunlimted007
    s digital data continues to grow exponentially, traditional
    IT and database storage infrastructures
    are struggling to keep up with the demand for more
    capacity and higher performance. Too often, new
    business-critical applications are deployed with separate
    database instances installed on isolated “islands”
    of storage, as a temporary fix. Even when these storage
    systems have native file systems that optimize storage
    access, much more is needed to deliver the level of performance
    required by today’s demanding applications
    and users. And as enterprises attempt to cobble these
    systems together, the complexity, risk, cost, and management
    burden rise significantly.
    Today’s enterprise database workloads demand storage
    solutions that embed a rich variety of features so
    that the optimal level of performance, manageability,
    and operational agility can be achieved. One solution is
    to fully integrate storage devices into an engineered
    stack that includes all of the components — software,
    servers, networking, and storage — required to build a
    high-performance database system.
    Database Storage For Dummies, Oracle Special Edition,
    explores data storage and infrastructure challenges. It
    also introduces several database storage architectures,
    optimization features, and use-case scenarios to help you
    retake control of your database storage environments.