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Concurrent manager backlog 2011-07-25

Concurrent manager backlog

  1. scottastuder
    This query can be used for reviewing CM Backlog:

    set pages 100
    col count format 9,990 justify r heading 'Count'
    col program format a40 justify l heading 'Program'
    col pgm_id format 9999999 justify l heading 'Program Id'

    SELECT COUNT(*) count,
    cpt.user_concurrent_program_name program,
    cp.concurrent_program_id pgm_id
    FROM applsys.fnd_concurrent_requests cr,
    applsys.fnd_concurrent_programs cp,
    applsys.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl cpt,
    applsys.fnd_user u
    WHERE cr.concurrent_program_id = cp.concurrent_program_id
    AND u.user_id = cr.requested_by
    AND cp.concurrent_program_id = cpt.concurrent_program_id
    AND cr.phase_code != 'C' AND cr.phase_code != 'R' and cr.phase_code != 'H'
    AND (cr.requested_start_date) <= (SYSDATE)
    HAVING count(*) > &min_backlog
    GROUP BY cpt.user_concurrent_program_name, cp.concurrent_program_id
    ORDER BY 1