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Concept of scheduling 2013-07-02

Concept of scheduling

  1. vamshi.konaparthi
    Actual Arrival Date - The date the order line arrives at the customer site.

    Actual Ship Date - The date the order line is shipped. This date is recorded by the
    ship confirm action.

    Arrival Set - A set of order lines which arrive at the same time at the destination.

    Available to Promise (ATP) - The quantity of current on-hand stock, outstanding
    receipts and planned production not already committed to sales orders or other
    sources of demand.

    ATP Date - The date that a requested quantity will be available to promise.

    Delivery Lead Time - Time (in days) for items to reach the customer once they are

    There are two ways to help system calculate this date.

    1) Create a location for the Ship-to address and assign it as the internal location and then define inter-location transit time
    2)Create a Zone/Region and then assign the inter-location transit time

    Demand - Requests which consume inventory such as sales orders. Discrete
    manufacturing work orders and flow manufacturing schedules place demand for
    component items, and sales orders place demand for finished goods.

    Promise Date - The date on which you agree you can ship the products to your
    customer or that your customer will receive the products. This field is for tracking
    purposes only. It may be defaulted from the schedule ship date or the schedule
    arrival date.

    Request Date - The date the customer requests that the products be either
    shipped or received.