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Cash management fundamentals 2014-09-05

Cash management fundamentals

  1. mramadhani
    1. Overview
    It provides comprehensive bank reconciliation and flexible cash forecasting. There are two major process steps
    you need to follow when reconciling bank statements:
    1. Load Bank Statements: You need to enter the detailed information from each bank statement, including bank
    account information, deposits received by the bank, and payments cleared. You can enter bank statements
    manually or load electronic statements that you receive directly from your bank.
    2. Reconcile Bank Statements: Once you have entered detailed bank statement information into Cash
    Management, you must reconcile that information with your system transactions. Cash Management provides two
    methods of reconciliation:
     Automatic: Bank statement details are automatically matched and reconciled with system transactions. This
    method is ideally suited for bank accounts that have a high volume of transactions.
     Manual: This method requires you to manually match bank statement details with system transactions. The
    method is ideally suited to reconciling bank accounts that have a small volume of monthly transactions. You
    can also use the manual reconciliation method to reconcile any bank statement details that could not be
    reconciled automatically.