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Business events in oracle apps and how to call 2011-07-21

Business events in oracle apps and how to call

  1. raovk13
    The Oracle Workflow Business Event System is an application service that leverages the Oracle Advanced Queuing (AQ) infrastructure to communicate business events between application systems. The Business Event System consists of the Event Manager and workflow process event activities.

    The Event Manager contains a registry of business events, systems, named communication agents within those systems, and subscriptions indicating that an event is significant to a particular system. Events can be raised locally or received from an external system or the local system through AQ. When an event occurs, the subscribing code gets executed.

    Subscriptions can include the following types of processing:

    o Executing custom code on the event information
    o Sending event information to a workflow process
    o Sending event information to other queues or systems.

    The uses of Business Event System include:

    1. System integration messaging hubs
    2. Distributed applications messaging
    3. Message-based system integration
    4. Business event based workflow processes
    5. Customization of packaged applications in a non-invasive manner

    This document starts with a brief introduction of Workflow Business Events as available with Oracle e-Business Suite Technology Stack. Next, the business events supported out of the box by Oracle Order Management are described. The salient parameters associated with these business events are explained. Subsequent sections of the white paper elaborate the set up to be done by Oracle Order Management Administrator/Super User, to enable Order Management to emit business events with relevant payload (of event parameter values). Towards the final phases of the document, an illustrated example delineating the integration process (defining subscriptions to the business events) is presented in Use Case – A Fully Functional Custom Extension.